Wednesday, April 21, 2004

What's the deal with pink?

Everywhere I look, I see pink. My teen DD used to hate pink, "Too girly", she says. Now, she craves it. I wonder how long this fad will last? And I thought the Eyelash Scarves trend was a fad but it's still here.

I found the loveliest cotton/wool sock yarn and it seems to be discontinued. Cleckheaton Nature wool/cotton yarn. I Googled all over the 'net, even the Cleckheaton website. Nada. Found some on Ebay but got outbid. Well, hey, I'm only willing to pay so much on yummy yarn, no matter how yummy. I'm addicted but I'm not stupid--lol!

You see, I'm testing a sock pattern for Mary at Wool and Fiber Originals and she sends me this wool/cotton yarn that's absolutely stretchy and like butter to knit with. It looks so good with her pattern which is also turning out great. If you haven't visited her website, do it now. Lace shawl patterns, Lace and Gansey style sock patterns, lace bookmarks, and lots of freebie patterns too.

Okay, I'm off to crochet another miniature teddy bear.

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