Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I was at Joann's when I saw these 2 lonely skeins of chunky yarns. They're 100% acrylic but very soft, the Debra Norville brand called Serenity Chunky. I simply couldn't resist. Plus, they were on sale too. So, I did this simple fair isle neckwarmer or cowl which turned out really warm because of the stranding. This pattern has not been tested so feel free to email me if you find errors. I just wanted to share it with you all, asap.

2 Chunky Skeins Cowl

2 skeins chunky yarn in contrasting or coordinating colors
109 yards Main Color (MC), white
109 yards Contrast Color (CC) brown

US size 10.5 circular needles

Written out instructions: (see following chart)

1. Cast on 84 sts using MC. Join in the round without twisting the stitches.

2. k2 p2 to the end (MC)

3. * k2 MC, k2 CC, rep from *

4. * k2 MC, p2 CC, rep from *
Repeat 3-4 one more time

5-6. K around using MC

7. *k1 MC, k1 CC, k2 MC, rep from *

8. * k3 CC, k1 MC, rep from *

9. repeat round 7

10. k around using MC

11. *k3 MC, k1 CC, rep from *

12. *k1 CC, k1 MC, k2 CC, rep from *

13. repeat rnd 11

14. k 1 round using MC

You can repeat rounds 7-14 until you're ready to do the ribbing or until you're almost running out of yarn. Or, as an alternative design, switch the colors, making brown as the background color.(see sample picture)

15: K 2 rounds using MC

16: repeat round 3

17: repeat round 4

18-19: repeat 3 and 4 one more time

20: k2 p2 to the end using MC.

Bind off in K2P2



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Happy Older Hippie Woman! said...

Beautiful Cowl!
I, too, have a penchant to "rescue"/ have a soft-spot-in-my-heart for those skeins without a home, and what you did with the 2 you found is wonderfully amazing - it's a really great pattern. I can wear wool/ wool fiber combos over other clothes but not against my skin so I usually opt for acrylics, and lately there have been some nicely soft and attractive solids and variegated acrylic yarn offerings at the large stores and small shops.
Happy New Year, Suan!!