Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Why I listen to British podcasts

...more than I listen to US made podcasts:
1. I love love the accent
2. I like the dry sense of humor
3. they are more interesting
4. they are more professionally made

For example: I was listening to this American mom who knits. First, I found her funny and witty and her experiences, similar to mine. Then, her child started crying and talking in the background. Okay, I can handle that. I have 3 kids and they were once young. Mommy picks up her cup of coffee and sips. The sniffles came next.

You know, runny nose and all (mom's, not the kids). She swipes are her nose with her hands and sniffles some more. That is where she lost me.

Example number 2: Two knitter girls talk about knitting. Girl #1's voice is okay. Girl #2's voice is tinny and whinny. argghh. Then, she proceeds to speak with this Valley girl Cindy Lauper accent which I cannot stand at all.
One minute into the podcast and I'm gone.

Now wait a minute. The Cast-on podcast is made by an American! I love her voice. Low, well modulated, soothing. Perfect for radio. And she is funny. She lives with her partner, Tonia, in Wales. And she wants to build her own house. That one episode where she talks about her dream of building her own house was very poignant because it doesn't seem like she'll be able to fulfill her dream. But then, she's keeping the faith that one day, it will happen.

And she doesn't have a British accent. whaddya know.

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Vera said...

I love Cast On!