Thursday, April 09, 2015

Quilting again This wallhanging is a paper pieced quilt from a Craftsy seller, Here is her link. The daffodil is a free pattern. Daffodils were one of my mom's favorite flowers, as well as roses, calla lillies, gardenias, begonias and many more.
I finished a second one, also from the same seller. This one is a for sale pattern. This one is going to my sister-in-law.
More news: We've acquired 2 abandoned kittens. We went from a not pet household to having 2 kittens.
Ebi is the male kitty on top of the picture and O.P. is his little sister. O.P. for Olivia Pope (my daughter's choice) or Opie. These two fight like cats and dogs. This is a rare picture of them getting along.