Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm finishing my afghan kit from Mary Maxim and almost 3/4 done with my Hue Shift Afghan from Knitpicks. This one is so addicting that I purchased another kit for the Rainbow colorway. Here's a picture of the Baby colorway I now have.

I love, love the colors, the pattern, and the yarn. It's 100% premium acrylic and so very soft. I hope it doesn't pill after washing. The pattern is for sale and can be found here.

I have been following Kim Guzman on Twitter and did not realize that I have most of her patterns from way back. She was one of my favorite authors/crochet designers. I never really got the hang of Tunisian crochet since to me, the fabric is so dense, thick , and it curls. Never really found a use for it except for potholders. But since then, newer patterns and techniques have come out that you can basically do anything with it, including lace and various stitches. Kim has a ton of videos on Youtube that are so well explained that you can create something by just watching them. hmmm... a new afghan squares blanket, maybe, using her techniques?? Here is a picture of a scarf I'm making using her Spider Lace afghan pattern.

This uses a double ended Tunisian crochet hook and the video can be found HERE on Youtube