Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lapghans Part 2

Well, yes, I messed up yesterday. The pictures did not load! Blame it on the slow dial up connection, blogger and picturetrail mess up. So, here they are: 2 lapghans I put together for our local knitting guild. These are donated to a local veterans' home.

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I picture veterans as mostly men. I do hope they enjoy the colors, he, he.

Here's another:
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Men and pink go together, don't you think so?

This last one is for Warm up America. Now, this time, I picked more manly boring colors:
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I enjoyed putting these squares together, mixing and matching the colors, designs, etc, etc. The ladies from the guild were great knitting the squares.

However, I grumbled the whole time I was putting the Warm Up America afghan together. One, because the blocks were not an even 7"x9". And two, the lady who organized the whole thing was no help. She spent the whole time yakking about her life history than sewing. And she had the nerve to tell us to take the blocks home and finish them at home. arghhh...

This was the only finished afghan. I was so mad that I finished it single handed (ha, ha. I showed her!!) Enough venting.

On a side note: The kids and I were watching "Invasion" last night, which I think is a truly fascinating TV show, right after "Lost", another favorite. Anyhoo, we started talking about dolphins and whales. What do you get when you cross the 2 together? Daughter says: " a Dowhale".
I say: "a Wholphin". I like that one better.