Wednesday, September 27, 2006

TV shows, Knitting, sewing

How long has it been since ER (the TV show) premiered? It must be over 10 years ago. I have not missed an episode. Never. I'm so happy it's back.

My DD made a comment that all these new Fall shows are keeping her stressed. There are so many new ones that you don't know which one to watch.

Some of the new ones that stand out:
1. Men in Trees (Anne Heche and that gorgeous guy, Jack) - very endearing and funny although some scenes are predictable. Reminds me of Northern Exposure.

2. Jericho - very intriguing. Let's see how it progresses.

3. Heroes - rather weird. Again, let's see how it does with the ratings. I can't keep up with the subtitles since I was knitting at the time.

4. Studio 60 - I'm so glad Matthew Perry is back. Fast paced (in the West Wing tradition), funny, and sometimes confusing.

5. Shark - Oh my gosh!

That's it! That's it?

I'm glad these shows are back:

CSI (the original one, in Las Vegas)
Amazing Race
Ghost Whisperer

Some shows I miss:

Lost (when is it coming back?)
Invasion - lasted only 1 season but I watched it every week, no fail

Yes, I watch too much TV.

Some projects I finished:
Tigger of the Winnie the Pooh fame, crocheted (pics later)
this Amy Butler bag and the Kona Bay bag:

Monday, September 25, 2006

2 skeins of Candy Corn and the last Watermelon yarn are all SOLD.

I'm off to the dye pot!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Yarns available:

Candy Corn sock yarn, approx 4 oz, 495 yards, wool/nylon blend (75/25), fingering weight sock yarn. $15 per skein plus $1.75 shipping. 2 skeins available.

Halloween sock yarn (orange and black), approx 4 oz, 495 yards, wool/nylon, fingering weight. $15 per skein plus $1.75 shipping each. 2 skeins available.

All of the above are not self-striping.

I also have 1 skein of my self-striping watermelon yarn available, same contents and yardage as above. $23 per skein plus $1.75 shipping.

Please send me an email at vdsuan at juno dot com. I can send you an invoice via Paypal. thanks.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogger will not let me upload pictures again.

Second week of the Sacramento County workers' strike. We're getting nervous but still hanging in there.

I will miss the Crochet Guild's monthly meetings. I signed up to be a group leader at our kids' church AWANA program. Every Wednesday starting tonight 'til May 2007. Priorities.

Knitting: socks from's SOTM. Trekking yarn. Love it!

Handpainting: I dyed several skeins of Watermelon yarn, Halloween yarn, Candy corn yarn and Christmas colors! Finally.

Sewing: Finished several bags, Christmas stockings, 1 quilt, and working on a new one.

Crocheting: Tigger for Angela!

Note: All of the above seems overwhelming. I don't do them all at the same time. I cannot sit still without using my hands at some craft or another. Another thing: I'm running on adrenaline and caffein. (just kidding)

Anyone out there like me?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you on 9/11?

I remember waking up early that day. Before my husband left for work, he came and told me something has happened in New York. One of the Twin Towers is on fire. I turned on the TV in the bedroom. Hubby then quietly left for work.

I see the destruction. Just then, the second plane hit. But I didn't see the plane, just the explosion. Dear God. What is going on?

Our bedroom has wide windows and just outside, I can see the 2 big trees in our backyard. This really stuck to my memory. The wind started to blow, strong, fierce. Not uncommon in Sacramento but at that moment, it was ominous. It lasted for a few minutes and then, it died down. I started crying...

I apologize to those who might read this and not be able to handle the recollection. This is my way of dealing with it. Remember 9/11 and it's heroes.

So, where were you on 9/11? If you have a blog, write something about it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Too surprised that Blogger is actually letting me upload pics, I am hurrying. This is a table topper I made for my mom. Small project, fast to finish.

Caitlyn's bag! Sweet Caitlyn is my daughter's boyfriend's little sister who turned 10 last month. I whipped up the bag the same afternoon they went to the mall to buy her gift.

Christmas tree skirt. Boy, am I way ahead of schedule. All these years we've been living in this house, we never had a passable tree skirt. We've been using one of those raggedy felt ones that I can now throw away. Either I'm too cheap to buy a new one or I knew that the day will come when I can sew one myself.