Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How do you pay tribute to a great woman? I can try.

My aunt, Amparo DeCastro, passed away today, in her sleep, in her apartment, all alone, at the age of 80.

She was one fantastic crocheter, making stuff without patterns. I'm not sure if she even knew how to read patterns. She just did them.

She was also one talented seamstress, sewing us clothes of all kinds since we were little and even now.

You see, she never got married. All of us, her nieces and nephews, were her kids. When she migrated to the US, she would send us, who were left in the Philippines, huge boxes of stuff, from candies to shoes, clothing, goodies, etc.

Admittedly, she wasn't that easy to live with and that's probably why she preferred to live on her own, even when she got sick. She never fully trusted people, even her own sister. Well, she trusted my dad, who was her oldest brother.

I remember her being sick most of her adult life, from diabetes to high cholesterol, and lately, congestive heart failure. Yet, she still preferred to live alone.

Last time I saw her was Christmas eve, when we took her to the hospital because of edema. Living an hour away from her, I called her on the phone, but not often enough.

I am so sorry that she died all alone. I thought about calling her yesterday but never did. That is one regret I have, never had the chance to hear her voice for the last time.

I love you, Ninang, and I will miss you.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I am "cowled-out". I won't finish cowl #3 in time (deadline Feb 29th). That means I don't get cowl #4 for free. Oh well. The current cowl is a massive 368 stitch cowl using plain stockinette stitch, around and around, on size 3 needles, fingering weight yarn. For you knitters out there, that is total madness. I will finish it though.

I am thinking of doing my own Knitalong. A fingerless mitt, a hat, cowl maybe, or a scarf? We'll see. And it will be free. I have so many already written patterns in my computer that I need to post, most of them free.

Gotta get busy.