Friday, September 12, 2008

Pictures from Camp

We went camping last Sept 5-7 to Scotts Flat Lake in Auburn, CA. Up north on Hwy 49 then east on Hwy 20, 60 miles from Sacramento. The last few miles was a long winding road to the lake. The campground was reserved by our church, First Baptist Church of Elk Grove, and there were about 54 families there.

This was only my second time camping and our first time as a family. We forgot a lot of stuff, like a lantern, and a thick tarp underneath our tent, or even an air mattress (we know what to bring next year!). The camp, however, has bathrooms and hot showers. Our church provided the food as well, for 2 and a half days. For the fee we paid, it was a bargain. Fellowship was great and made me appreciate the people who put this together year after year.

This was the view each morning I woke up:

Lakeside view with Matthew and Emily:

The first picture has great potential for a landscape quilt. After watching Nancy Zieman's video, I might be able to tackle this.

On a frustrating note, one of the checks I wrote was fraudulently used to access our checking account. They copied the bank routing number and account number on the bottom of the check and reprinted 3 new checks under their names. They then proceeded to write checks totalling $1,900 all over Sacramento, Modesto and Turlock. I didn't find out until 5 days later when they zeroed out our checking account. Fortunately, the bank accepted that it was fraud and we were able to get our money back.

Two lessons I learned from this:

1. When buying from a new, small, relatively unknown store, like Anna's Linens, use cash. Don't use a check or even an ATM. I've never been to Anna's Linens but when I wrote a check on the 18th of Aug, the fraud started happening on the 22nd.

2. Overdraft Protection is not really a good thing. The 3rd and last check this guy wrote was an $1,100 check to Home Depot. Even though he has already zeroed out my checking, Overdraft Protection covered it and transferred the money from my Savings account. What the heck!

I filed a Police report but still have not heard from the cops. I don't blame them though because of their severely depleted personnel and the fact that this is not a violent crime (although I feel very much violated).

So, Ladies and Germs, do be careful!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I did some charity sewing in the month of August. Back in August, 1998, I had a miscarriage. I same across Newborns in Need and donated some knitted and crocheted burial gowns, blankets and hats. I lost track of my contact person at NIN, Anita, who used to work at the Preston Youth Correctional Facility in Ione, as teacher, seamstress, and head of the CA NIN branch. She might still work there but there isn't a NIN branch in CA anymore (that I know of).

Anyway, here are some items I've sewn and donated to the Methodist Hospital here in Sacramento:

My little Emily says they look like little angel outfits (they are!!)

preemie hats (stretchy, knit fabric)

Preemie blankets, about 18" square, no batting, flannel backed.

Preemie isolette shirts, lined.

The patterns from all of the above are from the Newborns in Need website (for sale).

Most of the fabric I got at the remnant section at Joann's. Even a small piece of fabric can make several outfits. Most were discounted and marked down.