Tuesday, March 08, 2011

In search of...

the perfect podcast. Okay, so here goes. I went to iTunes and did a search for "fiber podcast".

I came across this one-- American based, hosted by 2 girls. I heard a hissing noise in the background. The girls giggled a lot, said a lot of "yaaayys".

So I move on to the next episode. This one had clacking noises, more giggles, more "yaayyys". And why do they end each sentence with a lilt, like they're always asking a question even if they're not?

For example: " I like this yarn?"; " It is a little snaggy?"
Oh wait, here's another: " We will be reviewing yarns that contain cotton content." he, he, he (the laughter is mine)

or another: " Ooh, this is our 100th episode. yaayyy! It's like.......... yeah."

moving on to the 3rd episode and I ask myself, "Why?"

Disclaimer: Podcasting must be hard. I admire people who do it. It takes courage to speak in front of an audience.Plus, there's the technical aspect. I can't do what they do. Kudos to them. But there is this one word they must remember.


moving on to the next podcast...

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