Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Felting disaster? Maybe not...

I laugh everytime I see this bag. This was meant to be felted booties. I used my own handspun wool and I should have realized that it would be too wide for my feet while I was knitting it. But no! I had to follow the pattern to the letter. I was still too chicken to make changes and adapt the pattern to my size.

But, being very frugal (I slaved over this thing!), I couldn't throw it away. So....., I turned it into a shoe/bag purse. I will eventually use them (I have 2 of these, he, he) one of these days, maybe when I go to Stitches or one of those fiber fairs, where like-minded people like me will probably understand.

Red Line Chicago bag: I finished this one weeks ago and just had a chance to take pics, even though it's kinda dark. Theresa's patterns are very easy to follow and can be seen here.

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