Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I'm Vicki

People call me Susan. Everytime I post a message on any of the lists I belong to, I get a reply and they call me Susan. It's a pretty name but it's not mine--lol!

When people see my last name, Suan, they assume I mispelled it and forgot to type the other "S". It's Suan and pronounced like the bird, "swan". But then again, I go by Vicki.

One time, I did a Google search for Suan and came up with lots of entry for people from Thailand. We're Filipinos, from the tropical island of the Philippines in Southeast Asia. I'm not surprised though. The Phillipines has been conquered by so many other countries that it would be hard to trace ones heritage.

Before the Spaniards came, I know there were Chinese and Malays in the country. The Spaniards stayed for 300 years, then came the Japanese ( WW II), and then the Americans.

My native country has been called a Melting Pot. But enough of history and back to knitting.

It's me, Vicki.

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