Monday, April 05, 2004

How many times do I have to tell myself,"DO NOT start another project until you finish the old ONES!" But do I listen?

Well, I finished the Optim Day Lily socks for Soysilk (a record breaking 3 days), so I started 3 more projects.

I've joined the Rogue revolution. I don't normally knit sweaters (I call them BIG projects) because I don't normally finish them (I get bored) but what the hey, this one looks pretty. And I've got enough Briggs and Little Heritage yarns to complete one.

I'm doing a knitted lace fingerless mitt (my own design) from fine handspun merino/alpaca yarn (my own blend). I'm 90% finished with the one mitt.

I've joined the Broadripple KAL, 40% progress on one sock.

I've also joined the 63 Squares Crochet afghan KAL (again, another HUGE project) which is soon to start (or have we started already?).

50% done on the Brisa tank top from Knitty.

Did I say 3?

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