Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I cannot believe the amount of unfinished stuff I have! But, the past few days, I finished some of them.

BRISA, from Knitty.com. Pardon the picture. The sides and hemline got skewered a little when I blocked it and it dried up that way. This is perfect for those who have chiseled abs and upper arms (which I don't have) but I will wear it anyway (he, he).

The lacy hemline really works. It's breezy! It goes up to the 100's here in Sac in the summer. The actual color is not as dull as the picture shows. It's a bright lime green (kiwi) color, and I used only 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep.

More squares for the 63 square afghan CAL. Shell on the bottom left, Basketweave on top, and Star square on the bottom right. The star stitch is unbelievably easy. Will start on my 9th square soon. I wonder which one it will be?

Will be on a mini vaction from Wednesday to Saturday. Off to Monterey.

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