Saturday, July 31, 2004

I made a list

I really have to get organized, so I made a list. All of my UFOs (for those not familiar, UnFinished Objects). Disgusting! I must have over 30 here at home. I have 6 unfinished lace shawls, 5 lace scarves, 8 pairs of socks to finish, 5 sweaters or cardis in varying degrees of completion, and yes 4 purses to be finished and felted. I know I'm missing some stuff, in some plastic bags lying in some corner, with needles attached.

But first, I have to get rid of some yarns. Lots of acrylics I know I will no longer use, well, except for my crocheted teddy bears. I finished one 2 days ago. No pics, no camera, no batteries yet. Hats for the homeless this coming winter.

It feels good to make a donation to Ships Support. I was going to knit some more hats and adult booties and sew up some cool ties for the troops but I've been sooo busy lately. So, I auctioned up some of my yarns and donated the proceeds to Ellen for postage. Voila! Boy, it feels good.

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