Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Black Flower Power

My digital camera's totally dead. I hope it's just the battery. I'm off to Walmart to buy new batteries. I feel completely lost without my camera since I use it all the time for my Ebay pictures.  Before it fizzled out, I had a chance to take some pics.   This is another version of Stitch Diva's Mini Flower poncho.  I added a few rows on the neckline and made the bottom even. The yarn used was Read Heart Casual Cot'n in Zebra colorway. It doesn't really show the flower stitch but I loved working with it. A blend of acrylic, cotton and polyester.  Here's the original version, finished several weeks ago.

See what happens when I get bored

I used to do rag rug crochet and wanted to do something really quick. Plus, it will help me organize some of my yarns.  Hence, the basket.  Made with strips of fabric crocheted with a Q hook (one of those blue plastic ones at Walmart and Michaels).  Super quick and finished in less than 1 hour.

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