Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lace pictures

This shows the pretty border.

Simple Elegance Shawl (stole) designed by Debra Chinn, in the latest issue (Aug 2004) of Knit 'N Style magazine. This is the one I'm knitting for Jonelle Raffino of Southwest Trading Co. (Soysilk anybody?) using Infinity, 100% soysilk yarn.

A close-up of the center panel. Susan, I believe Debra. It is sloooooow going. Picture this: Sewing thread size silk yarn, double stranded, knitted with size 3 US circular needles. Arghh.....

But then, I am cheating. The pattern calls for stockinette stitch lace, 147 stitches of purling on teeny weeny needles. Just shoot me!
So, I'm doing garter stitch lace and knitting every stitch that requires purling. I like it better.

Maybe it will only take me 2 hours to do a 12 row repeat.

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