Thursday, August 12, 2004

Not much to report. I'm still plodding away on the Simple Elegance Shawl for Soysilk. Almost had a major disaster. I snagged the lace on my working needle and thought I might have to rip the whole thing. Brought me to tears. But I was able to fix it with no problems. And I was being so careful!

Almost finished with a new project I just started, a Summer Shardigan by Terri Ranck. It's different and fast.

I've been spinning a lot, both with spindles and my wheels. I just bought some raw wool from Jean Near here in CA. I've heard so much about the quality of her raw fleece that I have to try it.

I will be teaching our Crochet Guild members next month on how to crochet from charts. This will be interesting and challenging.

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