Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have been experiencing the blogging "blah" lately. Haven't posted for a while; haven't read any of my fave knitting blogs; haven't taken any pictures; haven't finished any projects. Well, actually, I lied. I haven't finished any of my already started projects from long ago. But I finished 2 baby layettes that I just started last week. Crocheting baby things is a breath of fresh air. Because they get finished fast.

BUT, I have been spinning a lot! Our California State Fair is the happening thing right now. I spun some cotton at the fair with my friend, Teresa Simons of Mountain Shadow Ranch. And I used a drop spindle. I can control the twist a lot more and we all know cotton fibers need a lot of twist!

I have 2 lace scarves that are almost finished. I just have to focus. FOCUS!

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