Monday, March 06, 2006

well, hello! I just want those few people who read my blog know that I am still here and getting busier by the day. Today is my birthday! I'm 45. Aside from a few (actually, I lied. A lot of) gray hairs and a few aching joints, I still feel the same as the day I turned 21, he, he.

I have lots of designs in the making and planning stage. I'm teaching several crochet classes at Knitique and Frog Pond knits. That's keeping me more busy but I love it. I've taught some kids crochet classes which totally amazes me. I love these kids. So eager to learn yet not afraid to show their frustrations when the hook won't go through the stitch--lol! I hope to pass on this craft to as many people as possible.

And my kids are learning to spin on a drop spindle. There is still hope that at least one of my kids will pick up my love of fiber.

will take more pics. Believe me, I have lots of finished projects.

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