Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's a new roving from Ashland Bay, called Hollyberry. It's a multi-colored Merino, very soft and easy to spin. In the past, their multi-colored rovings were so well-blended that the colors become muddy after spinning. I like the newer version.

Here's another knitted hat using Yolo Wool Mill's wool yarn. I've adapted the design from the Knitted hats book, the one that's shaped like a hat. This book came out several years ago with the Knitted Mittens book. Note to Vera: I don't have a specific pattern for these hats. I have several books that I usually use but I make many changes to suit the style I want. The website (Sarah Bradberry's) has several free hat patterns, as well as Fair Isle charts. Sorry for my delayed response.

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