Wednesday, March 15, 2006

One of the 20 or so hats I knitted in Dec,2005 for Yolo Wool Mill. All I had to work with are 3 colors of wool yarn, white, light gray and dark brown. All natural colors. You would think that I would be sick and tired of knitting hats by the time they were done. On the contrary,they were fun knits. Each hat was a different design. I really had to be creative to use up only 3 colors. I did cables, slip stitches, fair isle, textures, lace, etc, etc. And I took lots of pictures.

That's why I love knitting little articles of clothing. One or two days and you're done with the project. Move on to the next. But then, I also enjoy knitting sweaters now. I used to be intimidated by knitting larger garments. For fear of not finishing them (and I have a lot of unfinished projects).

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