Sunday, January 02, 2005

I was admiring Mary's loot from her last trip to NY and all I can say is, "You did good, girl, you did good!". You can see her yarn adventures here. So, Mary, did you like New York? (he, he).

I myself am not a city person. I live in the suburbs and would love to live in the country, a farm, or a ranch, where I can raise my kids and some sheep.

I worked in San Francisco, at the Transamerica Pyramid, for 4 years and hated it. The morning rush, the evening rush, fighting for a seat in the train, cars everywhere, men on bikes, people walking 8 blocks, one way, to get to work (that was me!), walking with high heels for 8 blocks (until I learned that I can wear tennis shoes with my suit--yeck-- ugly picture).

Anyhoo, I'm glad that was over.

I'm teaching myself to weave with a rigid heddle loom and I can see another addiction coming. Pictures to follow.

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