Monday, January 10, 2005

Last December 10th, 2004 was our 10th Wedding Anniversary and I wanted to get something to commemorate the occasion. Joel gave me a Golding Ring Spindle, exquisite in design. This spindle is named the Tsunami, where the intricate design resembles ocean waves. It is memorable in more ways than one.

This is a 10" Beka Rigid Heddle loom, also called a "toy" loom, that I got for Christmas for myself. I've always wanted to learn to weave with a rigid heddle and this one is affordable enough to learn from. I enjoyed weaving immensely; it uses up an unbelievably small amount of yarn, like, for a scarf, and very gratifying since you finish the project really quickly. What I don't like is warping the loom.

Here is the scarf I wove two nights later.

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