Friday, January 21, 2005


I am really addicted to lace: socks, shawls, scarves, mitts (where else can you incorporate lace??). If I can knit a lace sweater, I would. Will I finish it? Probably not.

This new sock pattern in very stretchy. The string of diamonds is flanked on each side by purled ribs. The red one, which my hubby says is very sexy (arghh), was knitted with Gems Merino Pearl by Louet (fingering). This yarn feels like Koigu and comes in solid colors. By the way, the one pair of Koigu socks I have is still going strong, no holes. Everytime I throw it in the washer and dryer, it shrinks a little but stretches back to normal size.

The cream colored sock is Kroy yarn, which I love also. The yarn is very versatile and oh so affordable. Wash and wear, baby!

I am so looking forward to Stitches West (Feb 11-13) which will be held in Santa Clara, CA, this year. A blasted 4 hour drive for me. ROAD TRIP!

Hubby is driving and we're bringing the kids. He'll drop me off at the Convention and he'll take the kids to the MEGA mall, only a few miles away. I promise to call them when I'm done shopping, he, he.

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