Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I recently bought a CD from Lisa Gentry containing several of her patterns for sale. She's at Caneyladys-Creations. I originally paid $14.95 for the first 8 patterns. But, a great thing about it is that everytime she publishes a new pattern, you get an update, for FREE! Wow! I'm impressed.

Just finished a baby sock out of a new yarn from Coats and Clark. It's called Sassy stripes under the Moda Dea Collection. It's 100% acrylic and very very soft. It creates a self striping pattern similar to the other sock yarns. Here's a pic:

I've been handpainting some Merino Superwash fingering yarns. They're so similar to Koigu in size and yardage. I'm selling them in my Ebay store.

Peppermint Colorway

Jungle colorway

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