Friday, October 29, 2004

Crochet Fantasy

I have gotten comments from my fellow crocheters that Crochet Fantasy will no longer be published? When did that happen? I read the Dec 2004 issue and there was no mention at all. I just renewed several months ago for another year. I know I said that I won't be renewing (I still stick to that decision) but it's sad to see another crochet magazine go. I guess not a lot of people are into crocheting garments, like what Crochet Fantasy offers.

The other crochet magazine, Crochet!, doesn't do anything to me either. Too many weird new stuff, too bland.

For some reason, I like Crochet World. It has toys in it, some cute doilies, some cute little easy and fast stuff to crochet. It has variety.

I take back what I say about Vogue Knitting (VK). After reading the latest issue, I found some stuff that I might knit one of these days. It has purses and a cute lacy poncho. I'm afraid the knitting and crocheting fashion industry is getting overrun by poncho patterns! argh.....

I'm for old fashioned lace shawls, socks, and purses. Lots of purses, felted or not.

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