Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I love to knit socks but sometimes, knitting them with those itty bitty, teeny weeny needles using super skinny yarns drives me crazy. One crazy afternoon, I grabbed my size 5 bamboo dpns, gathered my leftover stash, and knitted this pair.

One strand of Millenweit variegated (non striping)sock yarn and one strand of ecru Kroy 3 ply, knitted together, cast on 40, short cuff, short row heel and the result: one sock finished in 2 hours (a little less). Got so excited, forgot that I suffer from SSS (single sock syndrome), I cast on for the next one. One pair in one day, including interruptions. wooo hooo!!!

The following day (can you tell I'm obssessed?), I finished this other one:

There's lots of ends to weave on this one and I decided not to hide them, so I created a fringe running down the side of the cuff. Unlike the first one, there are five different sock yarn combinations on this sock. Hey, at this rate, I should use up my stash in no time. More excuse to buy more.

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