Saturday, March 27, 2004

Me, Speedy crocheter?

Okay, I'm finally telling it. Only my crochet guild members know.

August of 2000, the Chain Link Crochet Conference was held here in Sacramento and our local guild was sponsoring the whole shebang. I've always been told by my fellow members that I'm rather speedy as a crocheter. They joke about how my fingers appear like a blur when I crochet. They even said that I put my friend Becky in a trance while watching me crochet (ha! ha!)

I was presuaded, more like pressured, into joining the Speedy Crocheter contest, competing against Lily Chin and many others. I was terrified, nervous, sweaty, etc etc (you name it, I was it) but I competed.

To make the story short, I came in third. Lily crocheted 80 sts in 3 mins, another lady came in 2nd (forgot how many she made) and I made 62 sts. We each had a judge standing behind us who ended up counting the stitches. Mine was this guy I've never seen before (but we saw him smoking outside with Lily and her gang). He counted my stitches and said I crocheted 62 in 3 minutes.

I saved my swatch, finished the conference and went home. I took out my swatch from my tote bag and decided to count my stitches. Guess what? I counted 90 stitches!!!! What the......... I was so mad! At myself, who else? I should have counted them myself while I was there. And I was so angry at this stinking judge who probably didn't even know how to crochet much less count!!! So, does that mean I won? Against Lily?

Maybe one of these days, we can have a re-match....

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