Thursday, March 18, 2004

Honey, I killed the washer!

I think I finally did it. I killed the washing machine. I've been felting bags like crazy the past week. 2 days ago, my teenager noticed that the "thingamajig" in the middle is not spinning. Yes, my 14 yo DD washes her own clothes! Did I train her well or what?

Anyway, I use one of those lingerie bags for felting so I don't clog up the washer. And I DON'T wash my raw wool fleece in the washing machine. Eeeeew! Can you imagine all the sheepy greasy gunk leftover? And you wash your clothes there too? NO WAY!

Well , the thing is 9 years old and has been used every week of it's life. It deserves a check up. Honey is bringing it to the repair shop. In the meantime, I have several more bags waiting to be felted.

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