Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm so excited! I'm finally using up my sock yarn leftover stash and knitting hats!

So, here's what I do. Using a ball winder, I wind these little leftovers so I can work with 2 ends of yarn (one from the outside and another from the center of the ball). That's because you have to work with the yarns doubled or it will take you months to finish a hat--lol!

I group the yarns in matching colors (blues, purples, greens), pick an easy hat pattern (roll brim is my absolute favorite), pick a ball of yarn and knit! I use a size 8 circ needle with yarn doubled. When one ball runs out, pick another and continue. I simply tie knots and weave them in later. Trust me, knots are no big deal and the ends won't show.

Dilemma: I have some leftover tigers that just won't fit in any color category. I just have to think of something or go wild (pun intended). Will post pics soon.

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