Saturday, March 20, 2004

Crocheters are bloggers too!

I have joined this new Crochet Bloggers webring and I'm just glad that we have our own webring too!

And being on a crochet mode, I finished a bucket style crocheted hat last night using Homespun leftovers. I will take pics and post them. I will definitely write down the pattern and share it with everyone. It's really simple too.

Here's a jute purse I crocheted in one sitting. The yarn was a gift from Teresa Simons last Christmas. I washed the yarn first and it softened up a bit and made it easier to work with.

Here's another Kureyon bag that's knitted and felted. I am so addicted to Noro now but it's rather pricey just to be felted. I'm working on spinning a similar yarn and see if I can duplicate it.

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