Friday, January 28, 2011

I finished this scarf weeks ago. Fun and easy to knit. The yarn was one of Debra Norville's acrylics which doesn't feel like acrylic at all. There's none of the stickiness or scrunchiness that characterizes acrylic yarns. It's called the Unscrunchable scarf.

This one is the Thorpe hat. Again, the yarn is 100% acrylic called Marble yarn, chunky, and super soft.

You can see a pattern here. This shrug was also knitted with acrylic yarn, from Patons, a baby chunky yarn and again, super soft. What's funny is that these yarns were manufactured in Turkey for these yarn companies. How come they can make their yarns super soft and the US can't? hmm?

Ok, so this shrug is Shawl collared Shrug by SweaterBabe. I like her patterns and the fact that she uses mostly chunky yarns. I say mostly because she has patterns for worsted weight too.

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Vera said...

Great projects. I need to make the Thorpe hat. I've had the pattern for a while.