Thursday, January 06, 2011

okay, so I am spinning again. Here's what I plan to spin this month:

My purple handcarded batt, a mix of some unknown superwash wool and kid mohair.

This one is Jacob wool from a local farmer.

And these are what I'm using to spin them with. Impressive, huh?

For those of you non-spinners, these are drop spindles (because you drop them on the floor no matter how experienced a spinner you are). And it takes forever to spin wool with these. Manual labor, you know? I also have a wheel which I'll probably use just to hurry it all up.

that's my plan for this month. I'm joining a spin-along at the Spindlicity website. The goal is to spin whatever you have in your stash, for the whole year.

This is where we can test how good I am at following through, he, he.

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