Tuesday, October 04, 2016

4-color Super Scarf pattern

This is simply a recipe more than a pattern.

Crochet hook G or H

1 skein each of 4 colors

1. First thing you do is pick 3 or 4 colors you like, coordinating, contrasting, or just colors that go together. Mine were black, gray, yellow and white. All were Red Heart with Love because of the softness and body.

2. How long do you like your scarf? Because this is a super scarf, the new in-thing now, I made mine 80 inches long, perfect for my 5 foot height. I crocheted a chain that long.

3. Hdc (half double crochet, US terms) in the 3rd ch from hook and in each and every chain to the end.

4. Ch 2, turn. Hdc in same stitch and in each and every st to the end. The ch 2 is never counted as an hdc, simply a turning ch. You won't put a stitch on it on your next turn.

Repeat #4 until the scarf is as wide as you want it.

Here's my color arrangement:

1 row black

3 rows gray

3 rows yellow

4 rows white

3 rows yellow

3 rows gray

1 row black

That's it! Easy

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Thats fantastic!