Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Star!

My daughter Emily is getting an award today for scoring really high in her STAR tests. Although my kids are homeschooled, we are still a part of the public school system. Under Horizon Charter School, we are provided books, curriculum and budget to take elective classes. We report to a teacher every 21 days, who then checks and makes sure we are following "the rules" of the public school system. We've been with Horizon for years now and we like the system.

I also know that homeschooling works for us as evidenced by the high STAR test scores my kids have. These tests are given by the state every year in April. My Matthew also excelled in all 4 test subjects he's taken (Math, Language Arts, Science and History). While home schooling is not for everybody, it works for us. And what about "socialization" as I'm often asked. My kids don't lack in socialization and activities. Our church activities keep them busy every week, non-stop, that Matthew had to give up one or two activities due to lack of time.

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Candace said...

Congratulations to Emily and Matthew.
My daughter homeschooled some of her children and they did well also.