Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two more podcasts I found via the Hoxton Handmade website. One is Cast-on. The podcaster is an American knitter who now lives in Wales. funny stuff.

This second one is simply amazing. This American Life is hosted by guys, non-knitter guys. I'm a fairly new listener so I still can't tell who's who. One of the podcasts is about this chimpanzee Lucy who was raised by humans and then let go to live in the wilds. That's all I will say. You have to listen and form your own opinion. There's a podcast about the secret Coca-cola recipe; there's one about JFK and Marilyn Monroe; another about a British submarine and a sealed letter. I am completely hooked. I listen and I knit and I get a lot done.

Spring is almost here but I'm not ready to let winter go.

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