Friday, October 15, 2010

Scotts Flat Lake in Truckee, CA
This is where our church holds the Annual Family Camp. This is the view we see when we wake up in the morning, as soon as we open the tent flaps.

Imus, Cavite, Philippines
This is the backyard to our house in the Philippines. To the left is the garage/carport. Notice the still young mango tree in the center. To the right is a couple of coconut trees and some citrus.
Best Friends Forever
Today was the day we have been dreading. My niece, Christina (on the left), left for college in LA, to AMDA ( a real expensive performing arts school in Hollywood). Emily cried, I cried, everybody cried. She and Emily have always been best friends, started when little Em was born. There's a particular and special kind of closeness between these two. Emily is closer to her than to her own big sister. I can say the same thing with me. My oldest daughter and I have gone through hard times together, lots of strife and disagreement. Like two hotheads clashing.

My relationship with Christina is different. I treat her like my own daughter. She is easier to talk to, probably because she has a lower boiling point, a lot calmer than most of us and is very patient, specially with Emily. Since my mom passed away, we have all been hanging out a lot with my dad at my dad's house. I am really sad. We will surely miss her. Can't wait for the holidays when she comes back home.

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