Friday, October 29, 2010

I got a speeding ticket today. Cop claims I was going 59 on a 45 zone. I think it wasn't that high. I say I was going 50 because I slowed down when I saw him from afar, sitting on his bike . And I glanced on my speedometer when I saw him, sitting on his bike. He clocked me way before I saw him ( I think). This is where the doubts come in.

Was I really speeding? ( But I don't speed. I'm a careful driver. My daughter says I drive like a grandma. so How can I speed?)

Should I contest it? ( It's his word against mine, so, guess who'll win. And how do I prove that I wasn't speeding. The fact that I haven't had a ticket in 11 years doesn't make any difference at all. What chance do I have that he won't show up?)

One thing I know for sure is that I will go to traffic school. They offer that online now. I've checked.


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Candace said...

My DH got a ticket years ago and there were lawyers who said that they could make it so that you didn't have to have your insurance go up and they charged the same rate as the ticket. Maybe you should check the ads in your area, maybe it will turn out cheaper, or maybe they can advise you if it would be good to fight it. He was very happy with the outcome that his lawyer got for him. Good luck with it.