Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sometimes, I just hate doctors. You get good news and you get bad news. Take my mom's case. Dr. said no cancer. A few weeks later, there is cancer. One says chemo won't work. Now they say, chemo might work. My mom has a great throat doctor who has been with her since they discovered her thyroid cancer in 2000. Nine years later, they say the cancer is back.

Some doctors, good they may be, shouldn't be in that line of work at all if they can't be tactful or respectful enough of their patients. This one horrible pulmonologist at Kaiser So. Sacramento needs to be trained in dealing with patients. Or maybe he should just work in a lab in some basement or locked away somewhere where he doesn't have to deal with humans. What a jerk.


Anonymous said...

Is there someone you could report the doc's behavior to? His superiors should know about his poor bedside manner.

Sorry to hear about your Mom and hope it turns out to be treatable.

Bad news is bad enough without having to deal with jerks!

Marie-Jolie said...

I absolutely agree about doctors, which is why I am a believer in natural methods and remedies whenever possible. Have you heard of the Gerson Therapy? You may find this information very interesting for your mother. http://www.gerson.org/

This research was also the focus of a recent documentary called The Beautiful Truth. Alternative treatments aren't for everyone, but it is always good to know that you have options. Just wanted to share that if it helps.