Saturday, December 19, 2009

I am listening to books on tape! Books are downloaded from the local library onto my MP3 player. I can knit and work on the computer and listen at the same time. It makes me exercise too. Walking on the treadmill is no longer boring. today, I walked a mile while listening to Carl Hiaasen's "Scat".

Hiaasen is funny! The first book of his that I read was Nature Girl. Actually read it with my own two eyes. Then, Skinny Dip, on tape. Another author I like is Tess Gerritsen. She writes these mystery/suspense books about a female cop and a female coroner. She can sometimes get a little gory. Okay, a lot. I think she used to be a doctor before she started writing.

I wanted to be a doctor too until I started blacking out at the sight of blood. Oh well.

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Linda said...

Listening to audiobooks on my MP3 player is my favorite thing to do! It is so much more portable than tapes or CDs (which are also available from the library). The one thing I don't like (and maybe its' my player) is that I can't rewind or replay a section - it's the whole "part" or nothing. Still, it's my favorite way to "read" a book. I actually read books sometimes. There is no substitute for the real thing some days, but it's so much more convenient to listen to audiobooks.