Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tough Times

We are going through some rough times right now. My favorite uncle (yes, he's definitely my favorite) has cancer. We found out several months ago. He has developed some kind of lung infection and is currently in the hospital.

My Uncle Romy (shortened from Romeo) is my dad's younger brother. I believe he came here to the US in the 60's, joined the Navy (or is it Coast Guard?--my memory is bad). He petitioned for my dad so dad can come here. We waited 10 years for the petition to be approved and in 1982, my whole family (Dad, Mom, me and sis) came here as legal immigrants. Uncle Romy and his family supported us for a few months until we can support ourselves. They were (still are) the most generous bunch of people. I remember my cousins (all 3 boys), giving up their rooms and sleeping together in one cramped bedroom so we can use theirs.

He has always been vibrant and cheery and strong. It's very hard for me to see him in a hospital bed, under oxygen mask, IV's and all. And every time I visit, I want to make him laugh again, maybe forget for a minute what he's going through.

I have hope. And with God's help and blessing, he will pull through and fight another day. There are a lot of people praying for him and I would appreciate some of yours.

Until next time... I don't feel like knitting at all.

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Eileen said...

I had a much loved uncle once too. He was the sweetest man that lived and we all adored him. May yours recover soon. My prayers are with you.