Monday, January 19, 2009

All about cell phones

I was driving down Elk Grove Blvd two mornings ago and I see this Elk Grove police car driven by a cop talking on her cell phone. Not one of those Blue Tooth thingies that you plug in your ear but an actual cell phone held by her left hand while the right hand single-handedly maneuvers the steering wheel . I clocked her at around 40 miles per hour (he, he). The cop looks like she's 19 going to 20, with a smooth blond pony tail. Believe me, she's a cop in uniform.

What irritates me is who gives her a ticket? Or do they get away with it because they're cops?

I don't use cell phones. Well actually, I have one of those pay-as-you-go plans, where I get to spend $15 a month to add minutes. I don't even use up all the minutes (talk about rollovers). I use it to keep tabs on my 19 yo daughter or to call home in an emergency (like I'm stuck at Joann's Fabrics and might be a few minutes late). I'm just learning to text. It takes me 15 minutes to finish one sentence. Maybe because I spell out every word.

I don't need to be on a cellphone when I'm doing grocery. I don't need to talk to anybody when I'm in church. I don't need to drive and talk-- or walk and talk. I will call you when I get home. I actually responded to a woman because I thought she was talking to herself. I didn't notice the blue slug permanently attached to her ear.

Isn't it amazing how anyone can get a hold of you 24-7? How urgent is it that it can't wait a few more minutes?

By the way, my old pay-as-you-go cellphone weighed about 8 oz and can do a lot of damage when thrown at somebody. Just this Christmas, I bought myself a small flip version for $19.95. They probably don't sell/make flip phones anymore.

Mine can now take pictures. Wooo hoooo!

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