Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh, so, speedy spinner here has finished spinning her Merino/silk roving from yesterday and here is what the yarn looks like. About worsted weight, 147 yards of super soft yumminess!

I am also knitting the Ballerina Tank top using SWTC's Bamboo yarn.The picture is HERE. The blue tank top which really looked good on the model.

I bought the yarn from Babetta's a long long time ago (about a year or so) and got the freebie pattern. There are some errors in the pattern. I googled for erratas but found none, checked SWTC's website, and again, no errata. So, I emailed them and found out that they are aware of the errors and have since pulled the pattern from circulation because of that. Oh good, so I can play with the pattern as much as I want.

But what if I was a novice knitter? How do I get help? If I was the designer, knowing that the pattern has been distributed, at least post the corrections on the website! What the heck?!!!?

So, here I am, attempting to help, hoping that someone, under the same predicament I'm in, will somehow google this.

First: I know I'm right on gauge (of course I knitted a swatch and I have proof too, he, he) but I doubt I can fit into this:

Well, maybe I can, if I block the heck out of it. Or maybe, if I lost some weight? hmmm....

The purl side is supposed to be the Right side. But then, this is my top, and the purl side looks ugly, so I'm making the Knit side my right side.

Second: There is waist shaping and I'm supposed to do the decreases every 4th row 11 times with corresponding increases 11 times. My problem is I am short with a short torso. Not gonna work for me. I reduced it to 8 times. Worked out good!

Thirdly, and here is the blatant error:

Knit the back for 14" from the hem and knit the straps for 4". Oookay.

Now, knit the front for 16" and knit the straps for 6". What the ....?

What I did is I knitted the back for 16" and the straps for 6". I will knit the front for 18" and shorten the straps to 4" because I don't want to reveal too much cleavage or in my case, a bony chest.

Oh by the way, there is no armhole shaping either. What fun!

The lesson here is: Be fearless. Don't be afraid to make changes. You don't have to follow instructions to the letter specially if your gut feeling is telling you it's wrong. It's your garment. Knit it to suit you. And if it turns out butt ugly, rip it out or wear it at home and enjoy!

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