Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wow! Christmas is almost here. Time flies. Last year, we were in Vegas and did not enjoy the coming of Christmas. I've finished shopping, something I really do not enjoy at all. Except when I'm shopping for fabrics.

I'm knitting too much, to fulfill orders, and I'm missing my quilting projects.

Next year, I will write more freebie patterns to share.

Next year, I plan to take more quilting classes and perfect my technique. I want to sell more baby quilts.

I have a decision to make. To rejoin the knitting quild or not. I have been away for two months, missed a couple of meetings including the Christmas party, and did not get an email or phone call from even one of the members I call friends. I wasn't missed at all. I'll quit whining and make a decision soon.

I'm currently the co-librarian for the guild and because of the 2 missed meetings, it does look like I haven't been fulfilling my duties. There might be several people interested in taking over my job so I think I will give it up.

So there, decision made (at least one of them).

Now I know how it feels to be unwanted, he, he.

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