Friday, August 18, 2006

Sewing Machines

No pictures today but lots of happenings.

Pictures are in the digital camera but have not been downloaded to my computer.

Hubby bought me a new sewing machine last month. He has an old Kenmore sewing machine that sounds like a blender when in use. But oh, it may be old but it was reliable. All the feet attachments are gone and all the extra gadgets. I don't think I can break it (yes, I tried). I love old Kenmore.

Now, the new one was on sale at Joanne's, brand name: White. Up 'til then, I've never heard of White sewing machines. It's not expensive but it serves my purpose. I tried to break this one too and I think I succeeded. Luckily, it was still on warranty. The Country Sewing Store fixed it for us FREE.

I've taken a basic quilting class at the Country Sewing Store in Elk Grove. That's where I met Husqvarna Viking. He's another sewing machine. He purrs, not like a blender, but he purrs. And they tried to sell me one (but I just bought a new one!!).

I was steadfast. Mr White is fine for me right now. Eventually, I will get a Viking. I will save my teaching money.

I can shop at Joanne's for hours and never get bored. I now bypass the yarn isle and head towards the fabric isle.

I will join yet another guild. The quilting guild.

Watermelon yarns are being handpainted. Will be available soon. The wool/nylon sock yarn is back in stock.

KPIP (knitting projects in progress)
1. Lace Shawl
2. Lace stole for Knitique
3. 4-5 socks in progress.

Yikes! School will be back in session next week. I now have 3 kids to homeschool. Blessedly, Danielle will be graduating high school one semester early (Jan 2007). Matt will be in 4th grade and Emily is itching to start Kindergarten.

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