Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quilting and stuff

I am like a woman possessed. I am weird in that way. When I get into something new, whether it’s a craft or hobby, I put my all into it. Before July, 2006, I was quietly knitting, crocheting a little, handpainting some yarn and wool. One night, while teaching a crochet class, a fellow knitter and friend, Beth C., commented on how I’m able to do all these and have time for other things. I mentioned to her that there is something I “can’t” do and that’s sewing.

I don’t remember Beth’s exact words but she said it’s because I haven’t learned it YET. Who knows, I might like it too.

So, I learned. I took a class, bought some books at garage sales, got some fabrics, and started sewing some purses. This past month, I finished these:

Emilys quilt

My first quilt. It’s not perfect. The points on the triangles are not really pointed (that is, if you can see the triangles!). More like lines that don’t meet—lol! But it’s my first one and I love it. It’s for my youngest, Emily.

Here's another, for my son, Matthew:
Matthew's quilt

This sewing thing is addictive.

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