Thursday, July 06, 2006

Can't Sew?

I keep telling myself that I can't sew. One of the crafts I can't master. My mom is a very talented seamstress. My just a tape measure, pencil and piece of paper, and of course, a sewing machine, she used to sew me and my sister beautiful dresses when we were growing up. My interests focused on fiber, hooks and sticks to make my own creations.

Being a totebag lover, I decided to make my own. With the numerous unfinished projects I have lying around the house, I need a lot of tote bags. So, with a free pattern on the internet, I decided to sew one. No fabrics handy, I used bedsheets (ha, ha!). I have a ton of them. I used to go to thrift stores, buy lots, cut them into 2-4 inch strips and crochet them into bags, baskets and rugs.

And this is the result. Purple striped tote bag, and lined too!

I made several, including a crocheted fabric basket. Pictures coming soon.

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