Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Way back in College, I had a dear friend, whom I haven't seen since 1982. We went to the University of the Philippines, and for 4 years, we stuck together, through good times and bad, homesickness and silliness, 24/7. Welll, not really 24/7, more like 16/5. She was almost my sister and for sure, best friend.

I have been looking for her, on and off, for these past years. She's always been in the back of my mind. Whatever did happen to my friend, Norie??

Last April 15 (it was the last filing day), I dreamt about her. Whatever did happen to Norie? This May, she found me, through the wonders of the internet, emails, and a former classmate. She's still in the Philippines, married with children, head of the IT department of a prestigious Advertising firm and very successful. I knew she'd make it! She's always been a Math and computer whiz and very, very smart.

We haven't stopped emailing each other since then. The wonders of email.

OKC: I'm back to knitting socks and lace. I've put down, temporarily, the Fair Isle Philosopher wool sweater and some Aran Sweaters I'm working on. Too hot.

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