Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm on a roll... again. With the warm weather here in Sac, and breezy conditions, I've been handpainting yarns and rovings. The open patio is in use again. I have an old microwave and mini stove, plus all my dyes and mordants, all set up outside. With the coming hot weather, the wool should dry really fast.

Check out the other yarn colorways
HERE. These are being sold at Frog Pond Knits on consignment. In order for me to make a little money, consignment is the only way. Can't mass produce and wholesale these yarns. I mean, handpainting is hard work even though I enjoy playing and working with colors. There are days when I feel like just throwing blobs of color on the yarn. Goodness knows what will turn out, he, he. It has to be an organized thing, making sure the colors go together. Get inspired by nature, the setting sun, a shrub covered with flowers, the stormy sky or your 5 year old daughter's coloring book--lol!

Here's another pic of the Corriedale rovings.

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